Why (am I doing what I do?)

Why am l living in the South Pacific, building a life here and trying to bring up a family and earn my keep as a research psychologist? This might seem like a silly question, particularly if, like me, you come originally from northern Europe. I mean aren't there beautiful sandy beaches? Aren't there wonderful Pacific islanders who are in touch with nature? Isn't the environment unspoilt and (aside from the odd hurricane) gentle on the soul?

Short answer - yes to all of the above.

Longer answer - but it's an environment which 'stretches' anyone who lives and works here, including the people who are born and bred here. This is both negative - because the simplest things turn into Gordion knots; and positive - because one is forced to question everything and often uncover blind assumptions.

Philosophical answer - because I believe that I have skills to bring to the Pacific which I can contribute towards the development here; and just as importantly I have many things to learn from the Pacific. If I'm lucky I will have a future forum to share these things. My living in the Pacific is a mutually two way exchange of ideas. I know that this may sound a bit pompous but I'm not skilled enough to say this in a humble way. However, my intention is one of humility so that I might be fortunate enough to be allowed to learn about the Pacific and her peoples.

Emotional answer - because I fell in love with my beautiful wife and soul mate and we've been blessed to have started a family with two gorgeous girls.

Locus ab auctoritate est infirmissimus -- Thomas Aquinas