Where (in the world am I?)

I live in the South Pacific, in the capital of the Fiji Islands, Suva. I honestly have palm trees growing in my garden as well as many tropical plants that I have to hack away at in order that my drive and house don't get swamped under – back in Europe I paid enormous sums and lavished the best care I could on the same species bought at house plants.

I live about 1 mile away from the Pacific ocean, which I can see from my house, but there is no 'beach' around Suva. It's a mangrove swamp. Good for those lovely coral fish to have a protective nursery to grow up safely in before they head out to the open coral.

I've been very lucky to have travelled around the main island groups of Fiji. I've also had time travelling through and sometimes working in other Pacific Island Countries such as Tonga (where I got married), Samoa (where I taught a course for an MBA programme), the Solomon Islands (where my Solomon Island friend took me after he graduated), and Vanuatu (where an absolutely brilliant Theatre for Development group lives and works from).

Whilst friends and family in the UK think nothing of going to France or Holland for a weekend, I head off to Sydney or Auckland. 

Life is good!

Locus ab auctoritate est infirmissimus -- Thomas Aquinas