What (have, or am I currently doing?)


  • Lecturer in psychology at the University of the South Pacific. I taught at USP for 9 years. The university has 12 officially participating Pacific Island countries, many of which I'd never heard of before I came here.
  • Research advisor for a non-governmental organisation that established educational practices within the community to establsh safe sex behaviour.
  • Working with at risk populations of Fiji youths in a low socio-economic neighbourhood.
  • Advisor to the Australia Fiji Community Justice Programme. I was tasked to review a number of different rehabilitation programmes that were being run for prisoners, or at risk populations in Fiji, as well as reviewing the rehabilitation efforts within the Fiji Prisons & Corrections Service.
  • Monitoring programmes established, run and analysed for commerical companies. A soft drinks company wanted to monitor the effectiveness of their sales force, by having an independent set of monitors index the soft drinks in various stores, and include the numbers of their competitors.


  • The Curriculum Director, of a private primary school that I helped co-found in 2008.
  • Advisor to the Fiji Prisons & Corrections Services to help estalish a Sentence Planning System.
  • [struggling] Student at the Open University doing my second course leading to a Masters in Open & Distance Education.
  • Research evaluation programme initiated for an innovative rehabilitation programme that friends and I have helped set up.


  • Our secondary programme for the private school will start next year (2010).
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